Thursday, 23 August 2018

T3 W4 STEAM Challenge #4

Awesome STEAM projects boosted Kiwi 2's creativity & master chef skills. Students worked collaboratively in small groups to build the tallest tower using toothpicks and colourful play dough. 

Saturday, 18 August 2018

T3 W3 A Bugs Life

Thank you to our Zoofari Educator Kirsty who made our classroom experience a whole lot of fun. We sorted insects into categories, sung a song about insect body parts, moved like creepy crawlies, examined insects and learnt interesting facts about mini beasts. It was also Lois' final day at Ranui & we wish her all the best on her new journey as she spreads her butterfly wings!

T3 W3 Zoofari Little Creatures

Here are a few snapshots of some of Kiwi 2s little creatures adapting to their zoological habitats...
Super Spider Monkeys
Marvellous Meerkats
Terrifying Tiny Tigers
Kool Kids
Take 5

T3 Fruit All Year Round

At Ranui we are very fortunate to receive yummy fruit all year round and best of all it is FREE! Not only do we get to eat fruit but we also create and make kai. Soooo when Kiwi 2 had left over grapes we decided to make fruit kebabs using marshmallows left over from our STEAM activity. Just like the saying goes... when given lemons make lemonade!

T3 W4 STEAM Zoo Challenge

Students worked with a buddy to plan and build a zoo. They used a variety of materials which included marshmallows, toothpicks, corks, cotton buds, toilet rolls and card. They also had to create their living thing using play-dough. Here are their task cards and below are their amazing plans.

See if you can work out which zoo planners did each task? 
Kaielahi and Hanlan Wobble-Waddle   

Triszal and Aaliyah Trunk-Ears

Evander and Bob Mane-Roar

Honesty and Areia Banana-Swing

Orion and Imani Over-Under

Heavenly and Journey Neck-Tongue

Inaya and Cecelia Feather-Legs

Ephesian and Jinn Pattern-Stripes

Jazlynn and Christina Staff-Workers

Ellanor and Milliama Slide-See-Saw

Ivana & Nevaeh Hissing-Skin

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

T3 W3 Zoofari Trip

Kiwi & Kereru classes have been learning about minibeasts & kai as part of their Inquiry. They attended the Auckland Zoo & participated in the Zoofari programme. Check out these fabulous snapshots of our little bugs making the most of their experience. The Bug Lab is a blockbuster science exhibition developed by New Zealand's world famous museum, Te Papa, with the Academy Award winning Weta Workshop!


T3 Areia's August Anniversary!

Happy 6th birthday Areia & Kiwi 2 were very spoilt by you & your whanau with beautiful cupcakes & designer goodie bags. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our tummies!
Birthday Month: August
Birthstone: Peridot symbolises strength. It is sometimes called the evening emerald for its lime green colour. 
Zodiac Star Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon
Birth Flower: Gladiolus & the Poppy

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

T3 W2 STEAM Challenge #3

Kiwi 2 were up for their next STEAM challenge. Students had to individually draw a plan. They had to work collaboratively in a team & agreed on which tower they would construct. Next students had to build the tallest paper tower only using paper & tape. I am proud to announce we have some future architects in the making...
'This is the House that Jack Built' designed by Kaielahi, Ephesian & Triszal
'NASA We Have Lift Off' constructed by Jinn, Aaliyah & Ellanor
'Ancient Pyramid of the Egyptians' engineered by Bob & Orion 

Saturday, 7 July 2018

T2 Inquiry - Environmental Sustainability

Our Term 2 big question for our Inquiry is 'Sharing the planet...Why should we care?'
This is our classroom Inquiry to help students enrich their learning by using topic words to extend their vocabulary.
In our classroom we have learnt about-
* Different types of environments 
* Food pyramid
* Making healthy & unhealthy food choices
* What are fruit & vegetables
* Labelling parts of a plant
* Which part of the plants we eat like leaf, stem or root
* Gardening calendar to help us sow, plant & harvest food
* Interesting facts about mini-beasts
* Important roles of insects & how they contribute to our planet
* How to sustain mini-beasts & kai 

T2 W10 My Little Garden

A BIG thank you shout out to New World for supplying Kiwi 2 with My Little Garden plants. Here are our worker ants doing their mahi collaboratively. Their task was to plant seeds & research information using the packaging & information cards provided to answer the below questions. Ask your child the 3 below questions & I bet they will be designing your garden in no time!